👾First Edition Creatures

Here’s the one we’ve all been waiting for:

StarShip is incredibly proud to announce the minting of our First Edition Creature NFTs! These featured NFTs will have exceptional utility within Deploy StarShip’s ecosystem, and are the first big step in accomplishing our goal of creating a player-dominated in-game economy that strengthens our featured token, Kyanite, while liberating our dependency on basic metrics like token price and liquidity pool. Simply put, it’s time to really put the “game” in “Gamefi”. Here’s what you need to know:

-- 10 different First Edition “Grassland” Creatures are scheduled to mint over the next 10 weeks, leading into January’s launch of our card battling game, “Arena of the Stars” -- Mints numbers for each First Edition Creature are set at 1000 -- 10 Creatures are being developed for each of the 10 planets, so beginning in the first part of 2023, you can expect the full release of all 100 First Edition Creatures, and more!

First Edition Utility:

Upon completion of the Community Campaign, “The Chemist and the Genesis Ark” (coming soon in Q4 of 2022), your First Edition Creature NFTs can then be staked to generate basic Creature NFTs of that same type. These “regular edition” Creatures will be used for battling in the Arena as a core part of the NFT card game’s mechanics (basic information listed below in the next sections)

Holders of First Edition Creatures will be able to stake them to generate regular edition NFT creature cards daily, for a small staking fee.

These regular edition NFTs will be used in the Arena, and the First Edition Creatures will be the ONLY way to generate those NFTs.

The only way to build a complete deck will then be to purchase regular edition Creatures off of the secondary market, or to generate your own by staking your First Edition NFT!

The small staking fee for Arena card generation effectively sets a soft floor price for the regular edition NFTs. Producers of these Arena cards are less likely to spend money to create NFTs, only to then list them on the market at a loss, and so this works to provide balance between supply and demand as interest in the game grows

For now, the utility of First Edition Creatures is solely tied to our plans for the Arena card battling game, but we have an exciting roadmap planned, with many more featured games involving our Creatures, lined up for Deploy Starship in 2023!

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