Lore vignette for the release of Deploy StarShip’s second official First Edition Creature NFT
The Blitzhorn
The two figures crouched low in the tall grasses, quietly cresting the hill to get a better view of the shadowy treeline across the valley. As they settled into position, the larger of the two set down his spear to lift the smaller one deftly up onto his powerful shoulders. He swept his fingers lightly toward his ears and eyes in silent communication, 'Listen, little one…'.
The Ban’thari child ducked his head low by the side of his father’s face, folding his ears ever so slightly forward and narrowing his eyes to focus on the misty darkness at the edge of the forest. Long moments stretched on as the two remained still, vigilant in the dawn as the first hints of color began to spread across the tips of the grassy fields below. The gentle, constant wind lifted a bit, and a soft rustling in the trees signaled their quarry.
A powerful pair of horns emerged into the clearing, framing a long and noble face set with deep, black eyes. The last hints of moonlight reflected in their watery surface, and their dark pools hinted at the very dreams of the forest from which it had just appeared. For a moment the great beast stood like a statue, surveying the lands before it with grace and equanimity.
A tapestry of shimmering colors covered its body– deep greens and vibrant blues that mimicked the shadows of the moon through the leaves. As the wind changed directions, the sound drew the beast's attention and its coat flickered with hints of purple and orange. In the distance, a small flock of kite banshees swept across the sky, their soft, ambient whistle breaking the stillness of the moment at last. The forest figure shuddered and shook its entire body as if to cast off the night, sending splashes of vibrant reds and blues that danced around the leaves of grass nearby.
Throwing back its head, the mighty blitzhorn reached its neck toward the rising sun and let out a great, trumpeting call. Its long, sustained tone echoed far into the hills, heralding the dawn and welcoming the entire valley to arise and begin anew.
The child gasped audibly, and almost slipped from his father’s back, dropping a small pouch noisily down into the grass. The blitzhorn heard the sound and looked to the hill, alarmed but ready. Rearing back, it lifted its four powerful front legs, kicking majestically for a moment before stamping down and crouching low. For a moment, time seemed to slow as the child watched the beast gather itself, preparing for its charge.
In an instant of explosive release, a sound like the crack of lightning split the air, and the blitzhorn bolted away from the woods, away from the figures on the hill and far across the grassy plains. The child had never seen anything move so fast!
He jumped from his father’s back and scrambled up the limbs of a nearby tree, hurrying to catch another glimpse. As he clumsily reached the topmost branches, he looked out across the sea of green. A streak of vibrant purple flashed in the distance, cutting through the grasslands and disappearing over the horizon.
The Ban’thari Chief looked up at his son, whose exhilarated grin spanned the width of his entire face. Together, they turned and looked out once more toward the rising sun, breathing in richly to greet the new day.
Written and released 19 Oct '22