The Art and Lore of Deploy StarShip

3 Oct '22 - by Lorekeeper Shootypewpew
The month of October brings an exciting new addition to StarShip’s core NFT collection with the introduction of the Grassland planets’ “First Edition” Creature NFTs and the full-time return of their celebrated artist, Carlos Chinesta Seville. As StarShip draws closer to the 1-year anniversary of our first pack sale on Oct 7th, 2022, it is very fitting that we are moving forward into our next stage of Beta development with a heavy focus on the creative elements of our game: its Art and Lore.
"Grassland"- by Carlos Chinesta Seville
Within the domain of cryptocurrency, the genre of Gamefi – or “Play to Earn'' gaming – is widely predicted to become one of the fastest growing economies in human history, and at its core is the strategic use of blockchain technology’s Non-Fungible Tokens. As this technology allows the tokenization and trading of singular, absolutely verifiable assets, we have seen an explosion of its use and popularity in the form of visual art. Today, as NFT markets continue to evolve past the “first mover” stage of projects like “Cryptopunks'' and “CryptoKitties”, the two central aspects that continue to engage and rapidly form communities are their art and their utility within those projects.
Through the Art of an NFT project, we can immediately capture the essence of their community and culture, and in many ways it is the art that gives validation to the team behind the project, and their passion and dedication to its success. The character of the art, including its subjective qualities, innately represents a certain level of sincere investment that intuitively translates on a subconscious level. There is always a story behind creation, and throughout human existence – from the first paintings in Indonesia, France, and Spain to the dawn of the NFT – it is with our art that we engage our imaginations in the telling and sharing of our stories and our heritage.
Since the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th century, there has perhaps never been a more exciting and profound moment for this globalization of our culture. Just as artists like Boticelli and Michaelangelo were able to convey their reflections on the existential nature of our humanity, now creators all over the world have been empowered by blockchain technology to partake in this timeless conversation.
“Sulawesi warty pig” - Indonesia, ~43,000 B.C.
"Hyper Snake, First Edition" - October, 2022 A.D.
For StarShip, the lore and art of our NFTs are a fantastic way to grow and share our project and its story. Even outside the world of cryptocurrency, promoting our art in the form of trading cards, graphic novels, jigsaw puzzles, and posters allows us to draw in passionate collectors and fans from the realms of Sci-Fi, board games, and more. Because there are strict government regulations surrounding the promotion of cryptocurrency within the United States, this enables us to reach a much wider audience and bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets.
In every way, NFTs also represent a contract. As a verifiable asset, everything about them becomes something absolute, and for that part of us that seeks to own a tangible piece of our history – to better know ourselves with as much clarity as possible – this is immeasurably valuable. While we connect personally to visual representations of bored looking monkeys and read stories about adventures in fantastic unknown universes, what we are really doing is finding and collecting pieces of ourselves.
This is why StarShip’s mission for the coming months revolves heavily around our visual art and the lore behind it.
“For StarShip, this isn’t just about going to the moon, but about bringing humanity to the stars.”
In this time of immense cultural change, we want to bring the best of ourselves forward. StarShip’s featured artist, Carlos Chinesta Seville, and our diverse team of writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds including musicians, scientists, therapists, military veterans, and lifelong video gamers. We seek to tell a grand story, to paint people’s dreams so that they may better understand their fears and how to overcome them, and to magnify the strengths that unite us all.
From the first touchdown of the fictional StarShip Colonies onto the swaying, lush fields of the Grassland planets, to the splendor and beauty found in the depths of our Crystal planets’ Great Caverns, we want to immerse you in the tales and allegory of what it means to be human. As we explore and reflect on how we as humans have changed over millennia, and what parts of ourselves never truly do, we hope the world of art and lore that we are creating feels truly “yours”, and stays with you long after the game has been turned off.
Join the StarShip community by visiting and stop into our Discord to meet the Team! We look forward to showing you something truly spectacular!