Kyanite Resonators and Crystals (The Basics)

This content is updated as of 4 Sep '22.

Kyanite Resonator

The Kyanite Resonator is the 12th and newest ship component NFT for your fleets of Starships!

28 June - StarShip announced that Uncommon Resonators could be claimed by the first 1400 planet holders to visit NeftyBlocks and redeem their 1 free Resonator.

1 July - Standard and Premium Booster Packs went on sale, enabling players to purchase packs containing a mix of Catalysts, Components and Resonators at randomly generated rarities.

23 July - Resonators were now able to be equipped to your ships (Optional)

3 Sep - Utility of Kyanite Resonators goes live. Resonators are now mandatory to fly missions, and will produce Kyanite Crystals randomly upon mining a planet.

Kyanite Resonators are a new ship component that is exclusively used to generate Kyanite Crystals (and eventually more!) from mining missions. This 12th component does not affect the 4 basic ship stats- Mining, Storage, Speed, and Consumption- in any way.

Once the Kyanite Resonator is equipped to your ship, all of your mining missions will have a percentage chance of dropping a Kyanite Crystal based on the rarity of your Resonator component.

Resonator Drop Rates:

Common = .01%

Uncommon = .036%

Rare = 1.1%

Epic = 3%

Legendary = 10%

Mythic = 30%

If your mining mission successfully drops a Kyanite Crystal, you will receive a notification in-game that you have an NFT to claim. It will look like a small, purple robot:

A planet's Sector doesn’t affect drop rate, so a Sec 0 or Sec 24 planet will offer the same rate, which is solely based on the rarity of your Resonator.

There are currently 3 main ways of acquiring Resonators, now that the Booster Pack Sales are over:

1) Purchase Booster packs on secondary market

2) Craft them using the blending recipes on

3) Participate in your favorite Space Station's Giveaways as they happen

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the Kyanite Resonators is that their functionality provides an incredibly easy way to change WHAT they will mine, allowing for effortless implementation of a world of possibilities, as we continue to explore and harvest from our 10 planets!

Kyanite Crystals

Kyanite Crystals are the newest addition to the StarShip NFT ecosystem, and will be a crucial component in the intricate world of crafting, building, unlocking, and creating as these mechanics will be introduced to the game.

Essentially they are a second form of in-game currency, though unlike $kyanite (and because of the innovative WAX blockchain we call home) they are NFTs which can be transferred from player to player with no incurred tax. Among other potential implications, this allows for greater ease of bartering, alliances, and guild pooling of resources toward specific goals.

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